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Bennies & Hennies MTL
Brulee Frappe MTL
Calamity Jane
Mr Hardwick's Calamity Jane
R 360
Only 2 units left
Calamity MTL
Mr Hardwick's Calamity MTL
R 160
Only 1 unit left
Calamity Nic Salt
Calamity Special Reserve
Casual Brittle Custard Tobacco MTL
Casual Brittle Custard Tobacco Nic Salt
Casual Chewy Spearmint Candy
Casual Chewy Spearmint Candy MTL
Casual Chewy Spearmint Candy Nic Salt
Casual Malted Ice Cream Nic Salt
Cherry Tobacco
Poseidon Cherry Tobacco
R 180
In stock, 11 units
Coffee Tobacco
Poseidon Coffee Tobacco
R 180
In stock, 12 units
Dark Bean Espresso
Cloud Flavour Labs Dark Bean Espresso
R 320
Only 2 units left
Dark Bean Espresso MTL
Dark Bean Espresso Nic Salt
Desert Nic Salt
Grofmans MTL
Grofmans Nic Salt
Havana Nic Salt
Kamil MTL
Kentucky Tobacco with Caramel