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Pre-Rolled Transparent Cones
HoneyPuff Pre-Rolled Transparent Cones
R 12 R 18
In stock, 108 units
Starter Box
RAW Starter Box
R 280
Only 1 unit left
Unbleached Kingsize Cones
Pure Hemp Unbleached Kingsize Cones
R 24
In stock, 15 units
Unbleached Kingsize Rolling Paper + Tips
Dragon Ice Beaker 30cm Bong
Double Honeycomb 36,5cm Ice Bong
Double Perc 40cm Ice Bong
VAPE CARTEL Double Perc 40cm Ice Bong
R 1,100
Only 1 unit left
Glass Bowl
Black Leaf Glass Bowl
From R 90
In stock, 9 units
Glass Chillum
Black Leaf Glass Chillum
From R 50
In stock, 6 units
Large 47cm Glass Bong
Black Leaf Large 47cm Glass Bong
R 480
Only 1 unit left
Medium Ice 35cm Glass Bong
Clem Fandango 40cm Glass Bong
Deep Purple 27cm Glass Bong
Rainmaker 27cm Glass Bong
Yellow kangaroo 35cm Glass Bong
Little Dickie 26cm Glass Bong
Goosebump 30cm Glass Bong
Chongz Goosebump 30cm Glass Bong
R 850
Only 1 unit left
River of Diamonds 35cm Glass Bong
Rock the Kazbah 44cm Glass Bong
Chongz Rock the Kazbah 44cm Glass Bong
R 1,095
Only 1 unit left
60mm Sifter Grinder
Chongz 60mm Sifter Grinder
R 410
Only 2 units left
Cone Creator
RAW Cone Creator
R 35
In stock, 17 units
Natura Rolling Paper + Tips
Rizla Natura Rolling Paper + Tips
R 17
In stock, 18 units
Wild 'n Natural Cigars
Backwoods Wild 'n Natural Cigars
R 230
In stock, 14 units
8 Ball 2 Pc Grinder
VAPE CARTEL 8 Ball 2 Pc Grinder
R 55
In stock, 8 units