Massive Restock and New Arrivals from Bewolk Industries!

Bewolk Industries has been an excellent addition to our store and has been selling like hot cakes! There certainly is something for everyone in their extensive range!

We have just received our shipment from them and it includes the following New Arrivals: 

  • 4000 Puff Disposable Black Bull 2% and 5%
  • 4000 Puff Disposable Grape Ice 2% and 5%
  • 4000 Puff Disposable Juicy Mango 2% and 5%
  • 4000 Puff Disposable Strawberry Watermelon Ice 2% and 5%
  • Fruited 0mg for Pods
  • Icey Wicks Bubblegum 0mg for Pods
  • Pomona 0mg for Pods
  • Thrifty Clouds Carnival Popcorn 100ml
  • Thrifty Clouds Peppermint Crisp Tart 100ml
  • Thrifty Clouds Shades of White 100ml
  • Thrifty Clouds Vermicelli Vandal 100ml

Restocks on the following have also arrived: 

  • Befokte Lekka Icey Lemon Cola Nic Salt 20mg
  • Befokte Rooi Ambulaans 2.5mg 100ml
  • Befokte Spider Cola 2.5mg 100ml
  • Befokte Zef Punch 2.5mg 100ml
  • Icey Wicks Bubblegum 3mg 100ml
  • Icey Wicks Bubblegum Nic Salt 25mg
  • InHouse The Fruit Nic Salt 20mg
  • InHouse The Shake 0mg 100ml
  • InHouse The Shake Nic Salt 20mg
  • InHouse The Toffee 3mg 100ml
  • Krush'd Berriez Nic Salt 20mg and 40mg
  • Krush'd LeMango Nic Salt 20mg
  • Sugar & Ice Buried 3mg 100ml
  • Sugar & Ice Pineapple 3mg 100ml
  • Cuban Caratoff Nic Salt 25mg
  • Cuban Crush Nic Salt 25mg
  • Cuban Vanilla Nic Salt 25mg
  • Menthol Tobacco MTL 12mg
  • Menthol Tobacco Nic Salt 25mg