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The SMY SDNA 200 Box Mod is now the most powerful in SMY's stable, with the integration of Evolv's DNA 200, featuring a wattage range of 1 to 200W, comprehensive analysis and customization with Escribe, and a sleek chassis with carbon fiber trim that packs in a massive 1600 mAh 3S LiPo. The SDNA 200 features sharp and elegant lines that make for a classic and timeless look accented by diagonal lining with a carbon fiber inlay that creates a visually cohesive and distinctive look.

SMY has managed to integrate a 1600 mAh 3S Lithium Polymer Battery, one of the largest integrated batteries in the current DNA 200 market to date, all while keeping a trim form factor. The onboard DNA 200 has become renown as an outstandingly efficient, power, and precise chipset, with 1 to 200W of output and an incredible efficiency rating of 97%. Paired with the Escribe software, the DNA 200 has the widest range of user customizable options and adjustments today.

With a clean cut form factor, an outstanding 1600 mAh 3S Lithium Polymer, the integration of Evolv's DNA 200, and one of the most competitive price points, the SMY SDNA 200 Box Mod has asserted itself as one of the most competitive DNA 200 box mods to date


  • Authentic Evolv DNA200 Chipset
  • 1600mAh 3S Lipo Pack
  • Micro USB Charging and Escribe Port


  • 1x SMY SDNA200 Mod